Firefly Drive Features

Dynamic Stablity

Firefly equipped boards are very stable because they keep you moving at a swift and steady pace. This dynamic stability makes for an awesome ride.   

Wireless Speed Control

No need to take your hand off the handle. Simply extend your finger over the handle for wireless speed control. 

Awesome Board Handling

Our forward-mounted drives ensure great board handling with smooth turns and transitions. We are the only company offering this unique, patent pending configuration.

Adjustable Steering

Our steering adapter easily adjusts to go straight, slightly to the left or to the right. Goofy footers will enjoy a slight bias to the port, regular footers to starboard (surf lingo). 

Quick Connect System

Rigging is fast and easy with our quick connect, two component system. Pin the motor in place and attach to the battery case. Its simple, so you can get out and focus on the ride.

Streamlined Design

Firefly Drives are built with critical design features that make our motorized paddle boards go fast and handle well. After four years in the business we can comfortably say, We've got this!