Firefly Customer Reviews

The Firefly Drive gave new life to my old "Big Red" standup paddle board. As a surfer, I really appreciate the great balance and awesome handling. My board turns on a dime and zips right along. 

- Keoki S., Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

My board runs smooth and quiet. Riding with a Firefly Drive is more Zen like then just paddling. Love it for wildlife viewing as I can get in close without making a sound.   

- David R., Olympia, Washington

My electric SUP board is a kick in the pants to ride. Firefly has taken my paddle boarding to an awesome new level. Love it!

- Scott P., Bellingham, Washington

You should have seen me ripping through swells and strong head wind. Then in my protected cove I worked on dodging mooring buoys which I got very good at. I had a smile ear to ear!   

- Patrick L., Charlestown, Rhode Island